Mounting diagrams and measurements available for: LF188-F-BQ

LF188F-BQ 13hp Manual Start 1 inch Keyway   Front View
(MHP=Maximum Horsepower)

LIFAN Power USA’s 13MHP (Maximum Horsepower) Industrial Grade OHV Engine is EPA Certified, extremely quiet and dependable, and is covered with our Customer Satisfaction Warranty Policy.  The 13MHP (Maximum Horsepower) engine is offered with a 1in Horiztonal Keyway Output Shaft, a 1in Threaded Output Shaft, or a Tapered Shaft (for Generator Engine Replacement).  13MHP (Maximum Horsepower) Engines are also available with Electric Start, 18amp Charging System, 2:1 Clutch Reduction, and 6:1 Gear Reduction.

13hp engine specs

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  1. What does 1-14 nF thread mean for this engine ->LIFAN LF188F-BDQ crankshaft end thread size? What is the actual type of bolt that must be used? Honda GX390 indicates a 7/16-20, which is clearly NOT the same as yours. I looked up this designation and can’t find it in any literature but yours.

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