Pressure Pro 4015

LIFAN Power USA’s Commercial Grade Pressure Pro Series LFQ4015 & LFQ4015-CA are part of our Pressure Professional Series.  The LFQ4015 & LFQ4015-CA use LIFAN’s industrial grade 15MHP (Maximum Horsepower) and a high quality Annoi Reverberi Axial Cam High Pressure Pump.  These high quality pressure washers are great for commercial or residential use.  CARB Certified Models Available!

We fully support the LFQ4015 & LFQ4015-CA with our Warranty Policy.

The Annovi Reverberi Axial Cam Pump is warranted by Annovi Reverberi.


 LFQ4015 & LFQ4015-CA Features:

  • Industrial Grade 15MHP (Maximum Horsepower), 420cc 4-Stroke OHV Gasoline Engine
  • High Quality Annoi Reverberi Axial Cam High Pressure Pump
  • 4000psi (Pounds Per Square Inch) Pressure Output
  • 4gpm (Gallons Per Minute) Delivery
  • Compression Release Valve for Easy Recoil Starting
  • 2 pc Spray Wand
  • 33ft Non-Marking High Pressure Outlet Hose
  • Chemical Injector Hose
  • Quick Connect Couplings/Nozzles
    1. 0° (Red) Nozzle – Delivers a powerful pinpoint stream for intense cleaning of small areas.
    2. 15° (Yellow) Nozzle – Delivers a powerful 15° spray pattern for intense cleaning of small areas.
    3. 25° (Green) Nozzle – Delivers a powerful 25° spray pattern for intense cleaning of larger areas.
    4. 40° (White) Nozzle – Delivers a less-powerful 40° spray pattern for a wide area of cleaning.
    5. Spray (Black) Nozzle – This nozzle is used to apply chemicals or cleaning solutions.  It has the least powerful spray pattern.
  • Compact for Easy Storage
  • Mobility Kit – Never-Go-Flat Foam Filled Wheels with Support Legs
  • Low Oil Engine Shutdown Protection
  • 1.717 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • EPA Approved
  • CARB Certified (LFQ4015-CA Only)
Part Number UPC Pressure Output Delivery Output Pump Manufacturer Pump Type Engine Manufacturer Engine Type CARB Certified
LFQ4015 852157002990 4000 psi 4.0 gpm Annovi Reverberi Axial Cam LIFAN 4-Stroke OHV No
LFQ4015-CA 4000 psi 4.0 gpm Annovi Reverberi Axial Cam LIFAN 4-Stroke OHV Yes

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NOTE:  “psi” = Pounds Per Square Inch
NOTE:  “gpm” = Gallons Per Minute
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NOTE:  Product Specification and Owner’s Manual Subject to Change without Notification.