Pressure Storm 2100

LIFAN Power USA’s Pressure Storm 2100 Pressure Washer is extremely dependable, using LIFAN’s Industrial Grade 3MHP (Maximum Horsepower) 4-Stroke OHV Gasoline Engine and a high quality Annovi Reverberi (AR) High Pressure Pump.  CARB Certified Models Available.

The Annovi Reverberi High Pressure Pump is warranted by Annovi Reverberi.

We fully support the Pressure Storm 2100 with our Warranty Policy.

Pressure Storm 2100 Features:

  • Industrial Grade 3MHP (Maximum Horsepower), 79cc 4-Stroke OHV Gasoline Engine
  • High Quality Annoi Reverberi High Pressure Pump
  • 2100psi (Pounds Per Square Inch) Pressure Output
  • 1.5 gpm (Gallons Per Minute) Delivery Output
  • Compression Release Valve for Easy Recoil Starting
  • 2 pc Spray Wand
  • 25ft Non-Marking High Pressure Outlet Hose
  • Compact for Easy Storage
  • 0.37 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Low Oil Engine Shutdown Protection
  • EPA Approved
  • CARB Certified

Pressure Storm 2100

NOTE:  Product Specifications and Owner’s Manual Subject to Change without Notification.

LFQ-2130 Assembly
LFQ-2130 Assembly
LFQ-2130 Assembly

18 thoughts on “Pressure Storm 2100

  1. Doesn’t build pressure. Following directions to the letter, but it’s not pushing out any more pressure than the garden hose.

  2. I purchased the Pressure Storm 2100 over the Memorial Day Holiday and am obsessed with finding uses for it! I needed it for my vinyl siding, then progressed to the deck, then sidewalk and drive. Next I plan on cleaning off yard ornaments and maybe our vehicles. As a female, I appreciate the ease to use and thorough instructions. The only question I have is concerning whether there is an attachment or spray container in which to put house/deck wash? Attaching, unattaching, and re-attaching the water hose can get tiresome after a while, despite the awesome results. Thank you!

  3. Just purchased this powerwasher. Followed all the start up instructions and it started first pull. Used it for an hour and it performs great. Not overly powerful but good enough for residential use.

  4. I bought the pressure washer in December of 2016, didn’t need to use it till the end of May of 2017. I took it out of the box and it fired right up. a couple of minutes of use and it died I pulled for a couple of minutes more the engine would not start. upon investigating my dilemma I found that the engine switch was loose, went to turn it off and the switch fell apart. truthfully I do not know if it was because of me or if it was defective. can you tell me were I can get a new switch or can I just jumper the wires together or install a regular toggle switch?

  5. Easy to use, portable and lightweight. Power is enough to clean my cars and not mess up the paint finish. Loved it and is very much highly recommended

  6. Just bought pressure washer to use on the house to clean th siding. Took out of back and followed instructions to start and started on first pull. Very pleased on the performance and the size of it. Very portable to move around. Thank you for a good product. I would recommend this to any one.

  7. Just purchased my Lifan 2100 to do my deck. Time to get everything ready for the summer activities 🙂 . Easy to use, I’ve since moved on to the retainer wall above my garden. Glad I took the 1700 psi one my fiancé got back for this one I told him to get this in the first place but he knew best hahaha (not this time) … Only question I have is where can I get additional nozzles??? The one that comes with it is either in a straight shot or a soft fan.

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