Platinum Series


  • OSHA Compliant
  • EPA Certified
  • CA/CARB Certified (CA models only)
  • Industrial Grade OHV Engines
  • Built-In Storage Capacitor For Easy Tool Startup
  • Brushless Copper-Wound Alternators
  • Built-In Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • 12 Volt DC Power Outlet with Convenience Cord
  • GFCI Protected 120V Duplex Receptacles
  • 30amp 120V 3-Prong NEMA L-5-30R Receptacles
  • 30amp 4-Prong 240V Twist Lock NEMA L-14-30R Receptacles (Model 8750iEPL-RV)
  • Male Twist Lock Plugs Included
  • Longest Run Times
  • Heavy Duty 1 1/4″ Rolled Steel Tube Roll Cage for Maximum Protection
  • Engine/Generator Isolation for Less Vibration

Rental • Commercial Contractors • Commercial Job Sites • Emergencies • Special Events • Homeowners

LIFAN Power USA Platinum Series Portable Generators are a perfect fit for the farm, contracting work, emergencies, homeowners, job sites, special events, or anywhere “Clean Power” is needed!

The Platinum Series Portable Generators contain low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) alternator technology, which produces “Clean Energy” with a Sine Wave Distortion of 5% or less! With this “Clean Energy,” all of your sensitive tools and equipment can be powered safely, without the risk of damage! For maximum conductivity, the Platinum Series Portable Generators use 100% copper windings and welded magnetic plates to produce clean dependable energy.

We fully support our Platinum Series Generators with our Warranty Policy.

Not sure what size Portable Generator fits your needs? Use our Wattage Reference Chart to determine the best Generator for you!

Part Number AC Surge Output AC Rated Output Starting System Low THD
LF4000EPL 4250 Watt 3500 Watt Recoil & Electric Yes
LF7000iPL 7000 Watt 6000 Watt Recoil Yes
LF8500iEPL 8500 Watt 7500 Watt Recoil & Electric Yes

NOTE: CARB Certified Models Available


“Clean Power” available only on Lifan Pro Series Platinum Generators

Generators supply voltage and amperage as sine-wave-shaped energy. As devices are connected to the generator, the sine-wave-shaped energy is disrupted. Measurement of this disruption is known as total harmonic distortion. The lesser the percentage of total harmonic distortion, the grater the generator’s ability to smoothly power a load.

Sensitive electronics may malfunction or fail to operate when powered by a generator with a total harmonic distortion grater than 5%, while the upper limit for “clean” electricity is usually 6%. The use of a generator with a high total harmonic distortion can reduce the life of an electrical appliance, often voiding the appliance’s warranty.

LIFAN Power USA’s Platinum Generators utilize multiple power slots, 100% copper windings, and welded magnetic plates to produce a maximum total harmonic distortion of 5%, safely powering all sensitive electronics at home or on the job site.

LIFAN Power USA Platinum Series Generators supply utility company-grade power anywhere.

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