• OSHA Compliant
  • Heavy Duty Commercial/Rental Grade Generators
  • Industrial Grade OHV Engines
  • Brushless Copper-Wound Alternator
  • 32-40 uF Storage Capacitors for increased Tool Starting Capacity
  • EPA Approved
  • California-compliant CA Models
  • Voltage Selector Switch extends life of generator, provides maximum usable 120V power (LF4000/LF7250 only)
  • GFCI Protected 120V Duplex Receptacles
  • Heavy Duty 1 1/4″ Roll Cage for Maximum Protection
  • Engine/Generator Isolation for Less Vibration
  • Digital Volt/Frequency/Hour Meter
  • Built-In Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • USB Port
  • Lifting Bales Included

LIFAN Power USA Professional Series Portable Generators were our initial portable generator line.  Our Professional Series Portable Generators have had great reception in the commercial sector.  The quality of the Professional Series Generators prompted a call to expand the portable generator line, with the same high quality in mind.  Most of our Professional Series Generators include Never-Go-Flat wheels allowing easy transportation.  CARB Approved models Available!

We fully support our Professional Series Generators with our Warranty Policy.

Not sure what size Portable Generator fits your needs? Use our Wattage Reference Chart to determine the best Generator for you!

NOTE:  CARB Certified Models Available in Most Models


All LIFAN Power USA Pro and Platinum Series Generators come with Solid Copper Windings

The performance difference between copper and aluminum coil windings lie in the physical and resistance properties between the two materials. Copper is a more efficient conductor, able to transmit the same current with less cross section area to do the same job. Aluminum has a lower mass than copper and the aluminum wire, with its larger cross section area, is not as efficient as copper. Well-designed enclosures usually give better performance with copper windings in both quality and output than aluminum. This means it takes more power to reach optimal efficiency with aluminum.

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